Banks of the future?

Abhishek Rungta
1 min readOct 7, 2020

What shall banks do when technology companies become banks of the future?

They have plenty of choices actually!

1) Banks become technology companies. This is a very predictable response — you enter my turf, I enter your turf — and we compete. Here, ideally, banks should leverage their knowledge and capability advantage of risk management and compliances, and build a technology stack to leverage FinTechs (instead of themselves become FinTech*n)

2) Banks become platforms. What’s better than being a technology company with tech? Being a platform. It can grow through the network effect of partners. Banks are natural financial partner, they engage with businesses, and can easily position themselves as a platform for the transaction, commerce, distribution, discovery, loyalty, and more.

It needs nimbleness and the right change management OR initiation of a totally new org.

What are the other options for a bank?

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