Exposure vs. Experience

Abhishek Rungta
1 min readOct 4, 2020

I see many CVs with a lot of experience, but they seem to be out of sync, primarily because they do not have enough exposure.

When we speak to our clients who build dedicated teams to build/maintain their products with us, we emphasize on choosing guys from our team with the right exposure and not chase experience.

Exposure with the right attitude gets the job done.

Experience can be doing one thing for several years. But things are changing fast and the skill gained through repeating the same activity over 10000 times may not have much value in many cases.

Exposure is more of facing different situations, scenarios, problems, and getting battle-hardened. You can get a lot of exposure to working in a dynamic and flat organization very quickly.

Hire for exposure! Experience is overrated (and at times can be a deterrent) in many job roles.

What are your stories around experience and exposure?



Abhishek Rungta

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