My 10 Commandments of Reading

Abhishek Rungta
Oct 22, 2020


I love reading books. Some of my learnings on choosing, reading, and benefiting from books:

1) Quality is more imp than the Number of books you read

2) It’s imp to read, understand, think, and create your own thoughts; then reading fast and finishing

3) Go for deep learning. Read multiple books on the same or related topic to develop deeper insights into that subject. You may read repetitive content, but it helps you remember and recall critical points

4) Re-read great books

5) Debate on the topic, explain the topic to someone, make notes in a notebook — these will raise questions and when you seek answers, your learning will be better

6) Do not mind reading a variety of genres of books. It will help you develop lateral thinking and give a break from the monotony of reading the same subject

7) It’s okay to read fiction while you lie down, but non-fiction is the best read on a study table or a place where you can work without disturbances, make notes, think

8) It’s okay to make notes on the book! It’s of no use if you cannot refer back and quickly grab the idea

9) It’s okay to not complete a book if the book could not hold your attention or deliver value

10) Gift books!

What is your tip for having a fulfilling reading experience? Please share.

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