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2 min readJan 13, 2024

My L+2 model of growing leaders.

In my simplest definition, a leader is one who can:

- step up, take ownership, and get things done
- create more leaders

Getting things done ✅ is easier to achieve amongst the two.

The more difficult task is to create more leaders, because this needs a permanent mindset change. I use an L+2 model for the same.

It is simple. Challenge the person with a task which is TWO levels above his known /proven capability or for the role he has been hired for.

E.g. #1: I moved a girl in a data farming (lead collection from websites) role to Sales Ops!

E.g. #2: Over a decade back, I moved Santanu Mukherjee from an e-learning content creation role to leading a digital marketing division.

Such movements need to be supported with:

- genuine confidence
- lot of support & mentorship
- safety net against failure
- clarity that it's L+2 role and can propel their career forward

Both these role shift were very successful, and have worked magic for their confidence. They rose up to the occasion and became key people inside the organisation. Most importantly those who go through such experience are much more likely to have trust and confidence in young talent and replicate the formula.

This accelerates learning, humility, and leadership development within Indus Net Technologies (INT.)

I have also failed in such experiments. At that time, I revise it for L+1, and then eventually L (i.e. the level he was hired for). This allows me (and my colleague) to discover their latent potential, bring more confidence, and gives them an understanding of what is required to get to the next level. To the company the ROI of such experiments are immense, as your growth is directly proportionate to your ability to create new leaders.

I also applied the same formula in my personal life when I took my 10 yo son and 12 yo daughter to Everest Base Camp earlier this year. They completed the challenge successfully, and are far more confident, which shows.

Few people ask me - what if their failure results in losses for the company. My response to that is - "If you cannot be the insurance for your team, you do not deserve to be a leader".

Keep challenging, keep mentoring, keep building great leaders. This is one of the most satisfying role that you can play as a leader.

P.S. The image is from my Sandakphu trek I did with my family and friends on 31st Dec 2023 with one leg in India and one in Nepal!

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