Productivity — Sprints & Flow

Abhishek Rungta
1 min readOct 10, 2020


I work best in sprints. And my most productive sprints happen when I achieve a state of flow.

It is critical to find what gets you in a flow. Some people get the best done when they are in flights, others get flow when they work out of a coffee shop, and then some people find their flow when they log in late in the evenings. It differs from people to people.

It is a state of mind, which gets you going, and you become unstoppable for that period of time.

Some tips to achieve flow:

  • Set daily rituals in general, a structured day gives you the habit to get in a flow.
  • Identify the environment and time when you are in your zone. It needs some experimentation.
  • Have a to-do list, which should be created out of your core goals for the week, month, or quarter. It gives a purpose.
  • Break big problems into small tasks. Think of the next logical mini-task which will get the big problem sorted. Do that small task well. Avoid multitasking. Congratulate yourself on tasks done.
  • Choose tasks which are incrementally challenging
  • Eat the frog i.e. difficult things cannot be avoided. Better face it and declutter your mind.
  • Create a decision framework. Mental models help a lot. Most tasks get stuck due to indecisiveness.

Whats works for you? How do you achieve flow?




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