Abhishek Rungta
2 min readMar 26, 2019

Had a great time talking to a group of healthcare professionals at a keynote on “Role of Digital in Healthcare” at the “MedTech Summit” organized by Indian Chamber of Commerce

Shared some of my thoughts at the juncture of digital and healthcare industries. Some of them are below:

  • MedTech needs to look beyond doctor finder, appointment apps, and medicine delivery
  • The industry needs to look at codifying best practices and bring a data-driven approach to service delivery; to increase success probability, reduce cost and give a better experience
  • IT companies, startups, and healthcare organizations need to work closely for innovation and pilot projects. Learning from such engagements, incubation of ideas will lead to an increase in effectiveness and efficiency in the Healthcare sector. Industry must embrace experiments.
  • We should look at a mashup of #MedTech, #InsurTech, #FinTech, and even #EdTech to provide a seamless experience to the consumer. When using healthcare service, you need integration with insurance, finance (instant loan), awareness-based education and a lot more.
  • In the healthcare sector, the government should create an open data platform (with anonymized personal data), so that there can be community effort towards creating ML/AI based insights, that can be used for effective resolution of complex situation en-masse.
  • The knowledge available in the top niche sectors, and experience from around the profession should be made available to healthcare professionals in the form of a knowledge base on fingertips. How else will ubiquitous availability of cloud, mobile and connectivity help mankind?
  • While exploring tech-driven innovation in healthcare, we have to keep in mind that the pace of technology/digital change and societal change is happening at a very different pace. It is critical to be aware and empathetic towards this difference to create feasible solutions.

Open to your thoughts and ideas :) I encourage you to disagree.

Abhishek Rungta

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